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Re: Hey Terekhov: Wallace lost. Who'd guess.... ;)

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: Hey Terekhov: Wallace lost. Who'd guess.... ;)
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 14:20:22 +0100

David Kastrup wrote:
> >
> Uh, the case has been closed.  Get over it.

Not so fast, dear. IIUC Wallace has 30 days to appeal (possible Rule 
60 Motion aside for a moment).

> > Poor Dan Tinger.
> How many competing ...

Yeah, right. "Competing."

"GNU will remove operating system software from the realm of 
 competition. You will not be able to get an edge in this area, 
 but  neither will your competitors be able to get an edge over 
 you. You and they will compete in other areas, while benefiting 
 mutually in this one. If your business is selling an operating 
 system, you will not like GNU, but that's tough on you. If your 
 business is something else, GNU can save you from being pushed 
 into the expensive business of selling operating systems."


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