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NYC LOCAL: Thursday 4 May 2006 NYLUG: Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo on Open

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Thursday 4 May 2006 NYLUG: Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo on Open Hardware
Date: 2 May 2006 02:32:26 -0400

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 From: Ron Guerin <>
 To: NYLUG-Talk <>
 Date: Mon,  1 May 2006 09:45:01 -0400 (EDT)
 Subject: [nylug-talk] NYLUG April General Mtg (5/4): Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo 
on Open Hardware

 May 4th, 2006 (April Meeting)
 Thursday (corrected from first announcement)
 IBM Headquarters Building
 590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street
 12th Floor, home to the IBM Linux Center of Competency

 ** RSVP Instructions **
 You must RSVP for *EVERY* meeting.
 Register at
 Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge and room number.

 (Due to scheduling conflicts, our April meeting is being held in May.)

                        Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo
                              Open Hardware

     Please join us the first week of May for a special presentation by
     Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo, of IBM Venture Capital.

              "Spreading to the Edges: Growing a VC Ecosystem
                      in a Multi-layered Open Model"

     The open model for solutions development is quickly extending from
     software to other technology areas, such as hardware and services.
     Specifically, just as open source has spawned a revolution in the
     technical, business, and legal model for software, open hardware will
     provide a swell of collaborative innovation that will create entirely
     new markets and provide significant business benefits to the most
     creative, most reliable, and most adaptable semiconductor, EDA,
     System-On-Chip (SoC), systems, SW, and service houses. The open-source
     software stack with Linux as its cornerstone is increasingly and
     provably the preferred choice for newly venture-funded companies.
     Open hardware will also change the world of hardware venture
     investing. While the degree of openness and the business model may
     vary, hardware and semiconductor products have to be increasingly
     developed through a collaborative model that helps assemble IP blocks
     and services from multiple sources. In this talk he will describe the
     open standards model for hardware, chip, and tool innovation, and will
     argue and quantify how openness and a systematic method to value its
     associated IP will help the success of this environment, in that it
     will allow each member of the value chain - especially small
     VC-backed companies - to capture enough value to desire to

 About Dr. Juan-Antonio Carballo

     Juan-Antonio Carballo is a partner and Venture Capital Strategy
     Executive at IBM, with responsibility in the semiconductors and
     systems sector, creating and managing strategic projects with
     top-tier Venture Capital firms and their portfolio companies. Prior
     to this assignment, Juan-Antonio has led research in adaptive
     communications chips and design methodologies at IBM Research. He won
     an IBM Research Division award for driving work in this area. He has
     filed more than 20 patents and has near 20 publications in low-power
     design, communications systems, design economics, electronic design
     automation, and collaboration software. He is the Chair of the
     International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) Design
     Chapter, the CTO and R&D Chair of the VSIA IP standards organization,
     and the Chair of the IEEE Committee on Electronic Design Automation.
     He has been on the committee of six symposiums and conferences, and
     was the General Chair for Electronic Design Processes 2004 in
     Monterey, CA. His prior work experience includes stays at Digital
     Equipment (currently HP) and LSI Logic. Juan-Antonio holds a Ph.D.
     in Electrical Engineering (in electronic design) from the University
     of Michigan, an M.B.A. from the College des Ingenieurs (Paris), and
     a M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from the Universidad
     Politecnica de Madrid.
     (any errors in bio our ours, with apologies - NYLUG)
 Swag (Give Away) - After the meeting... unusually terrific swag may
     be given away.

     After the meeting ... Join us around 8:30pm or so at TGI Friday's,
     located at 677 Lexington Avenue and 56th Street, second floor.
     Northeast corner.

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