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poor Rich Stallman. Saintignucius begging for cash.

From: Sam Alexander
Subject: poor Rich Stallman. Saintignucius begging for cash.
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 21:32:28 GMT

  To: Karen Hill
  Re: poor Rich Stallman.  Saintignucius begging for cash.
  By: Karen Hill to comp.os.linux.advocacy,gnu.misc.discuss on Sun Apr 30 2006 
02:23 pm

 > From Newsgroup: gnu.misc.discuss
 > If only he closed up the emacs source.  Then maybe he could live a life
 > of dignity instead of begging for money in exchange for his autograph.
 > In a GNU convention he needed to sell his autograph to make ends meet.
 > Saintignucius, aka Rich Stallman, is so poor he needs to trade on his
 > noterioty instead of making a decent living selling closed source
 > software.
 > Imagine if Jesus had to sell his autograph in church to buy food.   If
 > the leader of the movement  is so poor, how poor will a follower be?
 > Considering that "Free" Software is a billion dollar business according
 > to some sources why can't stallman afford food?  Maybe free software is
 > not such a good idea.  How will stallman make it when he retires?
 > Will people trip over him as he sleeps under a door stop?  How will you
 > make it when you retire if you work on free software?

hi Karen,

THis really surprised me... RMS was at SXSW in Austin about 4 or 5 years 
ago, and he got them to open the technical exibits for free to anyone the 
evening he spoke.  His speech was on copyright protection and patent laws, 
and though we stayed for most of it after 2 hours I had to leave.  

After what he did a SXSW, which was surprising since it's normally quite 
costly to attend, it shocked me to see him charging for autographs since 
the negatve press would far outweigh the few bucks he'd get.

RMS is a nut, though still brilliant in my book.


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