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Re: poor Rich Stallman. Saintignucius begging for cash.

From: Faried Nawaz
Subject: Re: poor Rich Stallman. Saintignucius begging for cash.
Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 13:48:30 +0500
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"Sam Alexander" <> writes:

> After what he did a SXSW, which was surprising since it's normally quite 
> costly to attend, it shocked me to see him charging for autographs since 
> the negatve press would far outweigh the few bucks he'd get.

Why are you shocked?  He's charging for the time, not for the autographs
themselves.  Speaking at SXSW helps further the cause of the Free Software
Foundation, and of software liberty.  Charging for the autographs -- which
take up his time and prevent him from writing code or speaking at more
events -- and then giving the money to the FSF seems pretty fair to me.

What is the worth of RMS's autograph?  I think his code is worth more, to
society in general, and to me personally (I use and depend on Emacs).  RMS
can read code and contribute to it, or someone can read RMS's code and
contribute to it; the same is not true for autographs.

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