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Re: relicensing from MIT to LGPL

From: jmg3000
Subject: Re: relicensing from MIT to LGPL
Date: 12 May 2006 08:17:47 -0700
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Alexander wrote:
> > Re-license means changing the license.  Sub-license means adding
> > one or more licenses.
> It means adding one or more (sub)licenseEs. I.e. another sublicense
> contract between a sublicensor and another (sub)licensee. And under
> the MIT terms.

Just to make one distinction: looking up the term "sublicense"
(, it says the meaning is "a license
granted by a licensee that grants some or all of the rights (as to a
patent) acquired under the original license".

So, "some or all" sounds like either redistributing the code under the
same MIT license, or else re-licensing it, granting less rights than
the MIT license provides (for example, the GPL).

Also, I'm guessing that implies "some or all *(but not more)* rights".
You of course can't grant *more* rights, since you're not the copyright

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