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Re: Hey Terekhov: Wallace lost. Who'd guess.... ;)

From: Rui Miguel Silva Seabra
Subject: Re: Hey Terekhov: Wallace lost. Who'd guess.... ;)
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 19:02:23 +0100

Sáb, 2006-05-20 às 19:08 +0200, Alexander Terekhov escreveu:
> David Kastrup wrote:
> [...]
> > There is no identifiable market.  
> That's not what the Judge said. Yeah, of course, to GNUtians, there's 
> no market in Wallace's case.

Here you "lie" again, by hoping people add the last part of the URL with
your words, and intuitively think another thing entirely. And thus
"lies" about Free Software propagate.

Following the link one reads:
        It is misleading to describe the users of free software, or the
        software users in general, as a ``market''.

NOTE 1: so the FSF is referring to USERS and not to OPERATING SYSTEMS

        This is not to say we're against markets. If you have a free
        software support business, then you have clients, and you trade
        with them in a market. As long as you respect their freedom, we
        wish you success in your market.

NOTE 2: so the FSF wishes success on business made on a market whilst
respecting users' freedom.

        But the free software movement is a social movement, not a
        business, and the success it aims for is not a market success.
        We are trying to serve the public by giving it freedom--not
NOTE 3: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        competing to take them away from a rival.
                                                  To equate this
NOTE 4:                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
        campaign for freedom to a business' campaign for mere success is
        to diminish the significance of freedom.

As usual, Therekov's argumentation strategy lies on hoping people won't
        a) how he self quotes himself (even three levels deep!)
        b) how he hopes people won't actually read the contents but
           instead "trust him" because he provides links.
        c) how he makes a fool of himself


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