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Re: New Software License idea: "The Freedom License."

From: Karen Hill
Subject: Re: New Software License idea: "The Freedom License."
Date: 23 May 2006 14:19:07 -0700
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> >       GNU `make' conforms to section 6.2 of `IEEE Standard
>    >    1003.2-1992' (POSIX.2).
>    Do you believe all false claims?
> Got a test case?
>    GNU make has many bugs that prevent GNU make from being POSIX
>    compliant.
> Care to show us them?
>    Some of the bugs are related to the makefile parser and this cause
>    real problems.
> Proof?

Hi Alfred,

If you wanted proof, you shouldn't have removed comp.unix.solaris from
your reply.  Joerg Schilling is the famed author of cdrecord, star (a
back up tool better than tar), and is the creator of the first
OpenSolaris distro Schillix.  Your GNU/Linux system wouldn't be able to
burn CD-Rs without his cdrecord software.

If Joerg Schilling says gmake has bugs preventing it from being  POSIX
compliant, it is true.  Joerg has himself stated he has over 25 years
of UNIX development experience.  And his vast contributions to the
software world back up that claim.

The fact that you snipped comp.unix.solaris from your reply proves that
you have your head in the proverbial sand and would like not to have
your "GNU" world disrupted by things like "facts" among them being that
gmake is not POSIX compliant.

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