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Basic Gnu Build Question

From: Larry Lindstrom
Subject: Basic Gnu Build Question
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2006 00:24:46 -0700
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Hi Folks:

   I'm a Solaris user who has been building and using
gnu utilities for a long time.  But there is something
I've never understood.

   I've just installed Gnupg, using that as an example
I ran configure with "--Prefix=/opt/local/install.dir/gnu/gpg/gnupg-1.4.3"
I'm conforming to the Solaris standard of using
"/opt/local" instead of "/usr/local".

   Next I symbolically link the install directory to
/opt/local, and then I symbolically link the contents
of /opt/local/gnupg's bin, lib and man sub directories
to corresponding directories in /opt/local.

   I'm never sure what to do with a new utility's
info and share directories.

   What is the info and share directories, and should I
symbolically link their contents like I do with bin,
lib and man?

   Gnupg has a charset.allias as the only file in it's
lib directory, but there is already a file by that name
in /opt/local/lib, apparently placed there during an
install of texinfo.  The two files are identical, except
for a comment "Packages using this file: texinfo".  This
is an ASCII file unlike the ".a", ".la" and ".so" files
that are most common in the /opt/local/lib directory.

  Gnupg has a libexec directory with a directory named
"gnupg".  The four files in this directory have names
like gpgkeys_curl.  These are executables.  Should
these be linked into /opt/bin?

   If there is a site where this is all explained, I'd
like to be directed to it.


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