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Re: Looking for an open source license..

From: Amanjit Gill
Subject: Re: Looking for an open source license..
Date: 5 Jun 2006 14:21:20 -0700
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> So use the LGPL with an added restriction (which will make it incompatible
> with the GPL).

Yeah, so I could do LGPL+restriction / GPL  dual licensing. Hmm not
nice. First of all I will reconsider if GPL is really a no-no for me.

> incompatible.  Ok.  Use the BSD license and add a GPL-incompatible
> restriction (BTW it isn't relicensing).

Thanks for that opinion. I

> You can also find bits of code that was initially released under a BSD
> license but was later included in works distributed by Microsoft under the
> Microsoft EULA.  So what?

I just wanted to make sure that in future my glorious ;) (piece of
software can be used in a commercial app without any problems. I do not
care if it ends up in a commercial app. Nobody is going to make
millions out of it. closed souce _is_ a dead end for sourcecode and
people know that. People think in a ten years perspective. They want
the code for that thing that drives their business. So closed source
usage does not bother me, but it must be possible

Thank you for your time

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