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Re: license issue: calling a GPLv2 library

From: Gottfried
Subject: Re: license issue: calling a GPLv2 library
Date: 20 Jun 2006 23:57:09 -0700
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please concentrate the discussion to the essential issues:
1) The GUI program LiMath_Optimierung calls a class library for solving
LP problems. The interfaces of the contained functions (naming,
parameter list) are not identical to GNU GLPK functions. Developing an
other compatible library based on an other product than GLPK would be
So LiMath_Optimierung depends on the existance of a LP solver library
but not on GLPK.
Only my implementation of this library does.

2) LiMath_Optimierung deals with solving LP and similiar problems. The
part with similiar problems is not based on a  LP solver library.


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