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Re: license issue: calling a GPLv2 library

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: license issue: calling a GPLv2 library
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 14:11:12 +0200

"Alfred M. Szmidt" wrote:
>    Thanks to Wallace, the FSF is on record telling to the federal
>    judge in court of law that "In fact, the GPL itself rejects any
>    automatic aggregation of software copyrights under the GPL simply
>    because one program licensed under the GPL is distributed together
>    with another program that is not licensed under the GPL".
> Of course there isn't any `automatic aggregation', either you accept
> the license, or you do not.  If you don't, you cannot use the code, if
> you do, you can.

Uh. I know you're hopelessly brainwashed, but still... I replied to OP:

Your options are:

1. Don't distribute the GPL'd stuff and let the users acquire it 

  users have all the rights to use and even adapt (create private
  derivatives) of lawfully acquired stuff without "accepting" the 
  GPL per 17 USC 117;

2. include it in your distribution package:

  apart from "additional copies" distributed per 17 USC 117 it 
  even falls under GPL's own "mere aggregation" clause.

Go read the statute (and also what the FSF has been telling in court 
of law in defense of Wallace's claim of abusing the copyrights and 
patents on the antitrust grounds), idiot.


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