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Re: license issue: calling a GPLv2 library

From: Merijn de Weerd
Subject: Re: license issue: calling a GPLv2 library
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 18:47:43 +0200
User-agent: slrn/ (FreeBSD)

On 2006-06-22, David Kastrup <> wrote:
> We are talking about a "license agreement" here, like when somebody
> clicks "I agree".  There is no such process for the GPL.  

Then why does the GPL article 5 say:

    Therefore, by modifying or distributing the Program (or any work
    based on the Program), you indicate your acceptance of this
    License to do so, and all its terms and conditions for copying,
    distributing or modifying the Program or works based on it.

That sure looks to me like a mechanism to derive acceptance
of the GPL. Not saying that makes it a contract under US
common law, but this is a process to make people agree to
the terms of the license.


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