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Re: Dr. Bill Gates, Philanthropist, Genius, and Visionary. FSF? What ha

From: John Bailo
Subject: Re: Dr. Bill Gates, Philanthropist, Genius, and Visionary. FSF? What has it done?
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 13:11:15 -0700
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Karen Hill wrote:
That is how the major news networks and PBS covered Bill Gates'
annoucement of his upcoming retirement.

Dr. Bill Gates has two honorary PhDs, one from the prestigious
Linkoping University of Sweden.

So he never went to college.  Gee, what a role model.

On PBS's News Hour with Jim Leher, a
commentator on philanthropy said Bill Gates would bring his incredible
vision and genius to the world of philanthropy.

So, he's going to put all the other philantrophies out of business and monopolize /charity/ ?

 She noted that Bill
Gates was the world's most generous philanthropist in all of history.

Guilt has that way...

They noted that Bill Gates was not a passive philanthropist, but a
focused highly skilled individual with an incredible drive to help the
world in terms of health and education.

As long as they use those coupons and credits to buy Microsoft Office, Somalia Edition.

On NBC's World News Tonight, the news anchor substituting for Brian
Williams interviewed several computer commentators and they lauded him
for "bringing the internet to the masses",

For Masses, substitute, "those too dumb to know the difference".

and for his vision of
changing the world by putting a computer on eveyone's desktop.  They
also pointed out that Microsoft and Bill Gates made this possible.

Possible?  It was hard to avoid the strongarms!

In the world of business they said he was a visionary.

Here's one of his visions" "Rich! I'm gonna be rich! Filthy rich! Pismo Beach here I come!"

One commentator
said he was one of the most respected and admired business leaders in
the world.

Guess that MSNBC anchor kept his job.

He said that whenever his parent company put him on the
cover of its business publications sales of those magazines would sky

Bill Gates, Sr, seen exiting Barnes & Noble with another 200 copies of Time under his raincoat.

It was noted that Bill Gates achieved an SAT score of 1590 and had an
Erdos number of 4.

He was also Tau Q-X93 in the High Order of Alpha Rigelia, and he....what? Ooopps! Wasn't supposed to tell that!

Bill Gates revitalived and single handedly transformed Washington
State's Seattle area into a tech powerhouse.

He carefully avoided Seattle's business tax and turned Redmond pasture into a traffic ensnarled mess full of $2,000,000 3 bedroom split levels.

He provided thousands of
jobs and millions of dollars to the state's coffers.  Without him
perhaps Washington state would still be in a declining timber industry.

Spotted Owls, wouldn't that be wonderful.

He transformed education in Washington state building many building at
the University of Washington.

So, he "created the Internet" but built buildings -- as in, who needs buildings if Microsoft had, truly, created real online learning experiences. They didn't.

The FSF was formed in the
1980's and was not responsible for a computer on every desktop.

Most people only bought computers when the Internet became widespread.

Sendmail, Usenet, and The Web, all run on Unix based and Linux based servers.

Mr. Gates was the *beneficiary* of the Internet, not its progenitor.

This is why world leader don't want to read Stallman's petitions but
will eagerly meet with the visionary genius Bill Gates.

Until his money runs out (coming shortly). Then he can feed the Seagulls in Bel-Square Park in peace.

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