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Re: Looking for an open source license..

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: Looking for an open source license..
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 14:31:17 +0200

Lasse Reichstein Nielsen wrote:
> Hardly. No GPL licensed software is being distributed with further
> restrictions.

Or dear. How much will you pay me for a CD full of GPL'd binaries
(and no source code at all) which I'm going to distribute to you 
under contractual agreement imposing forbearance from exercising 
the rights granted to you under the GPL by the copyright owners?

17 USC 109, aka "first sale" (also known as doctrine of copyright 
exhaustion in Europe), dear.

It's just amazing how many folks are being brainwashed by the FSF.

The GPL gives "freedom" as in the GNU Republic where software 
belongs to state (and hence it is regulated by state permits akin 
to lottery or gun dealership which are neither contracts nor 
property rights), and both 17 USC 109 and 17 USC 117 are simply 
nonexistent. But apart from the GNU Republic, the copyright and 
contract laws (IP licenses are contract, not state permits) don't
contemplate copyleft.


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