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Re: Mixing Licenses ... any hints needed

From: Wei Mingzhi
Subject: Re: Mixing Licenses ... any hints needed
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 16:06:10 +0800

In my opinion, using non-free artwork files is not illegal as this is actually what Red Hat is doing. But I'm not sure about this as I'm not a lawyer, and this is obviously not what Trolltech intended. And I'd also strongly discourage using non-free data files (finding some free ones - not just "GPLed ones" - are very easy, isn't it?).

I'd recommend asking Trolltech for clarification about this issue.

Wei Mingzhi

2006/6/28, Wolfdieter Schmidt <>:

I am currently planning to write a program which uses Trolltech Qt 4.

And I will use the Qt4 - GPL version. So as I understand my code has to
be GPL.

No problem so far.
But like every modern GUI, I need icons, buttons and some tiny pictures.

Now the question is: Can these icons/pictures/graphics be licensed in
any other way, can these graphics hold a copyright of some company? Or
am I forced to just use GPLed graphics?


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