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Re: Mixing Licenses ... any hints needed

From: Rui Miguel Silva Seabra
Subject: Re: Mixing Licenses ... any hints needed
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 17:21:12 +0100

What Red Hat is doing is... Trademarked Images.

The GNU GPL software freedom is about copyright.
All you need to do if you have trademarked stuff is simply to replace
the trademarked stuff (images, name references, etc... consult your
lawyer about the respective trademark usage license).


Qua, 2006-06-28 às 16:06 +0800, Wei Mingzhi escreveu:
> In my opinion, using non-free artwork files is not illegal as this is
> actually what Red Hat is doing. But I'm not sure about this as I'm not
> a lawyer, and this is obviously not what Trolltech intended. And I'd
> also strongly discourage using non-free data files (finding some free
> ones - not just "GPLed ones" - are very easy, isn't it?).
> I'd recommend asking Trolltech for clarification about this issue.
> Regards,
> Wei Mingzhi
> 2006/6/28, Wolfdieter Schmidt <>:
>         Newsgroup,
>         I am currently planning to write a program which uses
>         Trolltech Qt 4.
>         And I will use the Qt4 - GPL version. So as I understand my
>         code has to
>         be GPL.
>         No problem so far.
>         But like every modern GUI, I need icons, buttons and some tiny
>         pictures. 
>         Now the question is: Can these icons/pictures/graphics be
>         licensed in
>         any other way, can these graphics hold a copyright of some
>         company? Or
>         am I forced to just use GPLed graphics?
>         Thanks
>         Wolfdieter
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