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Re: Alexander Terekhov

From: David Golden
Subject: Re: Alexander Terekhov
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2006 04:10:02 +0100
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Wei Mingzhi wrote:

> Who is this "Alexander Terekhov" guy and why is he always trying to
> flood this mailing list (as well as my e-mail box of course ;) ) with
> flame baits or trolls?

A quick google search suggests there is an "Alexander Terekhov" who is
or was an IBM Germany employee, anyway [1].  Maybe it's the same guy.
Would be kind of hard to reconcile IBM's current (at least for P.R.
purposes) gnu+linux infatuation with usenet-Terekhov's expressed
opinions, but hey, he might well do his
disinformation/crapflooding/trolling on his own time!

There's also apparently a russian author "Alexander Terekhov" of a
satirical novel called "the rat-killer". Could be a pseudonym based on
that somehow, I guess.


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