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Re: indent problem

From: s. keeling
Subject: Re: indent problem
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 00:34:27 GMT
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Miles Bader <>:
>  "silversurfer2025" <> writes:
> >> so how do I change the code to not put brackets of functions into
> >>    the next line?
>  ...
> > OK, maybe I'll have to change myself instead of changing the standards
> > which exist.. I just liked my way of writing it better, but this might
> > only be habituation..
>  Maybe I should know better than to comment on coding style issues but:
>  I find that although I can adjust to almost any of the common C / C++
>  coding conventions (though of course I have my preferences), the
>  "function-beginning-brace not at the start of line" is one of the hardest
>  to deal with; I find it simply makes code very hard to read.

I think it depends on what you've taught yourself.  I've taught myself
to expect that that brace should be at the end of the line, so I have
no trouble finding it.  When that brace is at the beginning of a blank
line, I feel nothing but resentment for the waste of a perfectly good

btw, I got to this point by wanting consistency.  If something's done
this way in some cases, it makes sense for it to be done that way in
most or all cases.  If that brace should be at the end of the line in
an if() block, it ought to be at the end of the line in a function
declaration as well.

Thank goodness for source code reformatting tools.  Whichever way you
choose to write it, I can easily reformat it to the form in which I
prefer to read it.

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