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Re: indent problem

From: silversurfer2025
Subject: Re: indent problem
Date: 17 Jul 2006 02:33:49 -0700
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s. keeling schrieb:

> Miles Bader <>:
> >  "silversurfer2025" <> writes:
> > >> so how do I change the code to not put brackets of functions into
> > >>    the next line?
> >  ...
> > > OK, maybe I'll have to change myself instead of changing the standards
> > > which exist.. I just liked my way of writing it better, but this might
> > > only be habituation..
> >
> >  Maybe I should know better than to comment on coding style issues but:
> >
> >  I find that although I can adjust to almost any of the common C / C++
> >  coding conventions (though of course I have my preferences), the
> >  "function-beginning-brace not at the start of line" is one of the hardest
> >  to deal with; I find it simply makes code very hard to read.
> I think it depends on what you've taught yourself.  I've taught myself
> to expect that that brace should be at the end of the line, so I have
> no trouble finding it.  When that brace is at the beginning of a blank
> line, I feel nothing but resentment for the waste of a perfectly good
> line.
> btw, I got to this point by wanting consistency.  If something's done
> this way in some cases, it makes sense for it to be done that way in
> most or all cases.  If that brace should be at the end of the line in
> an if() block, it ought to be at the end of the line in a function
> declaration as well.
> Thank goodness for source code reformatting tools.  Whichever way you
> choose to write it, I can easily reformat it to the form in which I
> prefer to read it.
Well this is exactly where we came from! I cannot set indent up to keep
the method bracket behind the method name,.. it puts them into a new
line everytime...

Any suggestions?

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