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Re: What is source ?

From: Merijn de Weerd
Subject: Re: What is source ?
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 09:04:00 +0200
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On 2006-08-06, Vincent Rivière <> wrote:
> For example, I write a wonderful library from scratch (only my own sources). 
> It may be useful to other people, but I don't want it to be used in 
> closed-source commercial projects, so I release it under the terms of the 
> GPL.
> But because I am the copyright holder of the library, I (and only I) can 
> write a software statically linked to the library and release it as 
> closed-source.

That's exactly what Trolltech is doing with its Qt library.
You can get the library under the terms of the GPL, or
for a fee you can get the library under a closed source license.
It's up to you as customer to decide which one you want,
but in either case you have to abide by the license terms.


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