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Re: Combining GPL and commercial license

From: Marcin Giedz
Subject: Re: Combining GPL and commercial license
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 22:56:19 +0200
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John Hasler napisaƂ(a):
Marcin Giedz writes:
I've been searching/googling web sites to find out one question: is it
possible to use GPL software/part of code in commercial application WITH
VERY visible caption "THIS part comes from xxxx and is based on GPL

If you are the only copyright owner you can distribute under as many
different licenses as you see fit.  No disclaimers are required.  If you
are not the only copyright owner you must have permission from the others.
OK Thank you VERY much for all information, but it's still not very clear to me (however now I see the difference with Trolltech - thanks) : let's assume for a moment that my "company" is like Apple ;) with their OS as a whole + internal part which is Safari. We know that Safari is based on KHTML GPL code but MAC OSX is commercial product anyway. So what about Safari in this case? What license do they use? (I'm not a MAC user so I'm asking such question). Is there a "note" that Safari is GPL?

The same situation is with our software. We've built application from scratch and this is our code but to present a tiff file to user we use libtiff library. The same with PDF - we use xpdf library. Now we'd like to provide something like "dual" license for this product - GPL (no problem with this) and commercial (for OUR code - simple to survive ) - but what about such things like libtiff and xpdf in this situation? Can we use it? If yes what is an obligation? If not - what is an option?


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