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NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 30 August 2006 NYLUG Meeting: Ajai Khattri on Gento

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 30 August 2006 NYLUG Meeting: Ajai Khattri on Gentoo Linux
Date: 28 Aug 2006 21:02:10 -0400

  what="official NYLUG announcement">

 From: Ron Guerin <>
 To: NYLUG Announcements <>
 Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:45:27 -0400 (EDT)
 Subject: [nylug-announce] NYLUG August General Meeting (8/30): Ajai Khattri on 
Gentoo Linux

 Wednesday August 30th, 2006
 6:30pm-7:30pm (stammtisch after 8:15pm)
 IBM Headquarters Building
 590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street
 12th Floor, home to the IBM Linux Center of Competency

 ** RSVP Closes at 4:15pm the day of the meeting (sharp!) ***
 You must R.S.V.P. for *EVERY* meeting.
 Register at
 Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge and room number.

 Thanks to Henry Chin for making this meeting possible!

 The original notice said Ajai was speaking on Ruby on Rails.  While
 that was an editing error, Ajai probably wouldn't mind a few more Ruby
 on Rails questions either.

                             Ajai Khattri
                             Gentoo Linux

   "Use the source, Luke." In 2002, Daniel Robbins released Gentoo Linux,
   based on his belief in using source code to achieve maximum
   customization and flexibity.  The defining characteristic of Gentoo
   is Portage, a package management and software distribution system,
   somewhat similar to the BSD ports system.  As the most popular 
   source-based distro, Gentoo has spawned intense feelings in both its
   users and about its users.  This month is your chance to get some
   answers about the distro whose users spawn more conversation than its
   code, and find out the truth about Gentoo.  As a bonus, we'll have some
   Gentoo LiveCDs to take home so you can play with it yourself.

   Please join us on Wednesday August 30 at 6:30pm, as Ajai Khattri gives
   us a test drive of Gentoo, and answers your questions about Gentoo,
   Portage, and the benefits of a source-based distro.

   Please also join us on September 27, 2006 at IBM for next month's
   meeting. (topic to be announced)

 About Ajai Khattri
   Ajai Khattri was born in the United Kingdom, and after obtaining a
   degree in computer science in London, came to the US in 1994 and lives
   in Manhattan.  He has come a long way since tinkering with his Sinclair
   ZX80 at age 8, and now works as a web developer and sysadmin for local
   ISP, after having previously been a developer, test engineer,
   systems administrator, helpdesk technician and IT consultant.

   When Ajai isn't banging out code, he enjoys reading and photography.
   He can be seen regularly at nycruby meetings, and is about to be the
   only person ever to present to NYLUG two months in a row.

 Swag (Give Away) - After the meeting... unusually terrific swag may be
   given away.

   After the meeting ... Join us around 8:30pm or so at TGI Friday's,
   located at 677 Lexington Avenue and 56th Street, second floor.
   Northeast corner.

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