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web services and GPL

From: josh . kuo
Subject: web services and GPL
Date: 2 Sep 2006 10:01:17 -0700
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I have read some of the posts in this group that deals with web
services, as well as the GNU FAQ
(http:/, but could not find the
answer I am looking for.

I'll quickly describe my situation:  My boss is a supporter of free
software, and with his blessing, I have licensed all my work under GPL
(not LGPL).  As part of our infrastructure, I have also wrapped some of
the code in a web service, and thus used as library by other code or
system.  My understanding from reading the FAQ is, anything that uses
this web service (I see the web service like a library), must then also
be GPL'ed:

Not a big deal, since this is a company internal setup, and not a
problem because I have GPL'ed all of the pieces.  However, recently,
another company aquired us.  It is very likely that some of my web
services will be accessed by non-GPL'ed code.

Is this a violation of GPL?

Also, what if the new management asked me to re-license the code to
something else?  The old group (free software supporters) used GPL with
the intention that we will eventually release some pieces back to the
community, but I guess the "company" technically owns all of our
work... so then does the new company have the right to ask me to change
the way I license my software?

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