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Re: GNU licenses

From: mike4ty4
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 5 Sep 2006 13:59:02 -0700
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> The GPL didn't infect, nor spoil the project.  The person who included
> code did (actually, he made a good thing, so one should say that he
> spoiled it or infected it). The GNU GPL does not have a soul, mind or
> can somehow act without a human.

So I'm right. Using the GPL code does 'spoil' the project. I know I
HAVE to use the code, it's my choice (you keep getting hung up on
my "automatic", etc. phrasings!!!!), but I don't understand the
for MAKING THE LICENSE THAT WAY, why it demands the original
code become GNU ***and be USELESS for non-GNU projects without
making them GNU***. It's that last part in asterisks that I hate. The
distribution of said combined work should have NO BEARING on
ANY other works that have NO 3rd-party code in them but are based
on ORIGINAL code from the combined work!

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