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Re: GNU licenses

From: mike4ty4
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 5 Sep 2006 23:39:31 -0700
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John Hasler wrote:
> mike4ty4 writes:
> > If you then use some of your original code from said combined work (and
> > it's been said here REPEATEDLY that your original code is yours) in
> > another 100% original work, that also becomes GPL...
> It does no such thing.  Please read up on Troll Tech and Qt.
> > 1. Make non-GPL program.
> > 2. Combine a little bit of someone else's GPL program.
> > 3. Release the _combined work_ under GPL.
> > 4. Take a bit of my _original work_ from the *original*
> > part of said combined work and put it in another
> > original work, this time one with NObody else's code
> > in it,
> > 5. Release that closed-source and non-GPL as heck.
> > Am I right?
> Yes, as we have been trying to tell you for some time.
> > Now, does this have and bearing on what I can do with my original works?
> Nothing.
> > Can I let someone use _my own_ 100% original code in their works WITHOUT
> > demanding them to give me their own code for my use?
> Yes, of course.
> > I should be able to, considering those are _my original works_ and I can
> > do WHATEVER I PLEASE WITH THEM since *I* made them! Am I right?
> Yes, as we have been trying to tell you for some time.
> > Aha! Thank you for confirming me. I've uncovered it! The "evil motive" of
> > the GPL!
> The GPL is just a document: a model license.  It is not capable of having
> motives.

Boy oh boy we love to pick on semantics! I should have said the "evil
_behind_ the GPL.

> > I now am unable to use any of my own code from that project in any future
> > projects without making them GPL as well or SOMEBODY ELSE could crack
> > down on me for "violating" "their" rights for using MY OWN CODE!!!!
> This is _not true_.

Well OK. Because the combined work is DISTINCT from it's original
component, right?

Also, as by "telling me for some time" did you mean just in the direct
reponse posts or in the (now around 200) other posts that others
have been posting in response to each other? As if it was the latter
I would NOT have seen it there is just too many of them I have to
sit there for solid hours trying to find it!

Anyway, I think I've figured this GNU thing out. Maybe it's not quite
so bad as I made it out to be.

> --
> John Hasler 
> Dancing Horse Hill
> Elmwood, WI USA

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