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Re: GNU licenses

From: mike4ty4
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 6 Sep 2006 11:56:08 -0700
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> Nor did I say it did. But the profit is not as great with "free"
>    software than as with "non-free" software, right? Or is it? I need
>    a fairly decent profit. Can I get a decent-sized company and a high
>    income (like $100,000/year) selling "free" software? If I sell 10
>    programs per day at $30 each then I get $300/day and thus
>    $109,500/year avg. Is that possible?
> Sure, why not.  RedHat makes a couple millions a year.


>    > Nobody here is forcing anyone, be it to make it free software or
>    > even open source.  If you wish to use the code, you must abide
>    > the license.  You are completely free to not use the code.
>    Of course, but I'm disputing the terms on which I have to follow to
>    use the code. Haven't you figured that out already?
> If you do not wish to follow the terms of the license, don't use the
> work.

And I did not say I had to use the work. The license does not force
one to use the work. What I was disagreeing with was the terms
of the license and I wondered if there was something "wrong"
with them and wanted to debate for a change to the license, so
that future GPL programs might not have had as disagreeable
terms associated with them. But I guess it works OK the way it is.

>    So then can I do what I described? Can I make a combined work, put
>    that out under GPL (following the license), then take a piece of
>    the _original code_ and put it in a non-GPL work and keep that
>    non-GPL?  I should be able to, considering that the original parts
>    are MY code and NOT somebody else's.
> This has been explained to you a billion times now, you are still the
> copyright holder of the code you wrote.

Of course, but I thought that if I distributed one version of said code
(the combined work) under GPL that means I've assigned the original
code to GPL and therefore cannot use it in any other non-GPL
programs, but I guess since it's my creation I haven't bound myself
by making and releasing the combined work, I've just distributed a
certain version under a certain license, so I can release *other*1
versions under other licenses. OK.

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