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Re: GNU licenses

From: mike4ty4
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 7 Sep 2006 12:02:48 -0700
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> So then you are saying I _can't_ then use the stuff in the
>    _original parts_ of said combined work in other projects without
>    making those GPL as well, after releasing the combined work? Why
>    must that be done if the original parts are still original?
> They are no longer original if you use someone elses copyrighted work,
> and you must then abide by that license.  This has been explained to
> you a million times by now.  You still retain all the rights to the
> code which you are the copyright holder of, you can do whatever you
> wish with it.

Now wait just a minute. Now I'm confused. You've been saying before
(at least it seems that way I didn't read all the "spawned" discussion
bursts between people here as there's too many of them and some
had hard legalese and I don't want to sit through that right now
to growl>) that I _retain_ all rights to my original code. And you say
again! But what do you mean by it's no longer original if you use
someone else's work? Are you saying then that I CANNOT use the
original code that was in the combined work in other original works
contain NOBODY else's code without also making those GPL as well?!
Everyone else said that I could use that original code in _other_
original works and license _those_ works under different terms. The
scenario I thought was this:

1. I make original code, call it O.

2. I combine it with a small amount of non-original GPL code, call it

3. I then have to distribute the combined work C = O+G under GPL
because that's the terms.

4. I do it.

5. I take original code O and combine it with MORE original code
P. Then do I have to distribute O+P under GPL as well even though
it contains _no_ code of 3rd party origin? You seem to say yes but
everyone else seems to have said no.

>    How does that help protect the freedom of the user?
> It keeps GNU GPL code free.  It keeps people from saying that you
> cannot run, study, distribute or modify the program.

And it increases the amount of GPL code because you release the
original parts as well. Do not forget that critical point.

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