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Re: GNU licenses

From: mike4ty4
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 8 Sep 2006 15:08:09 -0700
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John Hasler wrote:
> mike4ty4 writes:
> > You may use the GPLed code in your programs if you agree to make the
> > entire original program GPL as well (ie. "pay for the code" with your
> > original creation), no matter how small the code fragment you use is (at
> > least to the minimum amount that copyright can apply to of
> > course). Otherwise, don't do it.
> > Am I right?
> No.  You must make the entire _derivative_ (that is, the work consisting of
> the combination of your work and the GPL work) GPL.  You may do as you
> wish with your "entire original program".  And you retain all rights.

Oh, just the derivative work. The original components (ie. my stuff)
that was
used in the derivative can still be used in other original programs
making those programs GPL (because it's still mine). Thanks.

> --
> John Hasler 
> Dancing Horse Hill
> Elmwood, WI USA

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