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Re: GNU Free Database License

From: Anas R.
Subject: Re: GNU Free Database License
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 21:15:00 +0300

======= At 2006-09-17, 01:24:37 you wrote: =======

>On 2006-09-16, Alfred M. Szmidt <> wrote:
>> A dictionary requires as much work as a phone book and isn't a very
>> creative process, now, an encyclopedia, that would be another subject.
>The amount of work isn't important, it's about the creativity.
>Writing all those definitions in the dictionary requires
>creativity, so you get copyright on the dictionary.
>Just to be clear: when I say dictionary, I don't mean a list
>of words, I mean words with definitions, explanations etc.
>Wordlists are not protected by copyright of course.

Agree, that's what I mean.
But even if there's no creativity, software can produce a lot of valuable 
output from a dictionary,
Thus, dictionaries/databases can generate a value, so it deserves copyright.

Actually, I think the subject to copyright isn't creativity (or 
effort/time/money) but the value that generated by this creativity (or 

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