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Re: Open source - Free software

From: v4vijayakumar
Subject: Re: Open source - Free software
Date: 27 Sep 2006 02:44:06 -0700
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v4vijayakumar wrote:
> I have been using "open source" and "free software" products for some
> time. I want to contribute to them but I couldn't decide between "open
> source" and "free software". I would support "open source" at this
> level, because we can see what it is doing. I don't know how many of us
> can really see the things, but we have some issues in using "free
> software". Consider a "free software" web client (browser), it would
> comfortably send the confidential info to the person who programmed it
> that way.


Sorry, I never thought that there is more than one meaning for "open"
and "free". I meant "not open" by "free", because this is my problem
area. Proprietary software is also not open but they are not "free". By
"open", I meant software that we have access to its source code. Still,
I think "open" and "free" mean the same way in "Open Software
Foundation" and "Free Software Foundation". If this is wrong, then,
could you please let me know the right questions to ask myself?

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