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Re: Open source - Free software

From: v4vijayakumar
Subject: Re: Open source - Free software
Date: 28 Sep 2006 00:11:33 -0700
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Chris wrote:
> v4vijayakumar wrote:
> >> I don't know what the right question is? What is it you would like to
> >> know?
> > Here, I mean the free and open the same way I mentioned.
> Yes, but you weren't very clear before were you? That's why this thread
> has turned into a bit of flame war...
> > Why the split, FSF and OSI? OSI is free, but why FSF is not open? :(
> You're best off doing some reading:

Thank you, Chris. I was afraid of this could start a flame war. This is
why I asked to reply in specific pattern.

Many of us don't like any war. No body wins/looses in a flamewar. It
would always be the power we have causes the problems. Consider two
cases, you have gun or joystick in your hand. You can now think of what
you can do with these things. This is why I gave you the joystick in
your hand.

I am posting this fifth time through google groups. I don't know
whether my previous post was lost or I didn't post at all. I couldn't
see it in google groups.

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