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Re: Open source - Free software

From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Re: Open source - Free software
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 10:59:40 -0400
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In article <85ac4kkr0c.fsf@lola.goethe.zz>, David Kastrup <> 

> (Richard Tobin) writes:
> > In article <>,
> > Alfred M. Szmidt <> wrote:
> >
> >>No, freeware simply means a non-free program that can be distributed
> >>at no cost.
> >
> > Where did you get that definition?  I don't think most people's use
> > of the term excludes free programs.
> When there is a charge on them, it usually does.  Few people will call
> Redhat Enterprise Linux "freeware" since you will be hard to put to
> get it outside of an expensive subscription arrangement, in spite of
> it being free software.

I don't think that contradicts him.  Alfred's definition of freeware 
specifically *excludes* free software -- it's distributed at no cost, 
but must be limited in other ways (e.g. source code is not available, or 
the license prohibits modification).  E.g. he would say that GNU Emacs 
is *not* freeware, despite the fact that you can get it at no cost.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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