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Thrash Theory

From: Htnakirs
Subject: Thrash Theory
Date: 30 Sep 2006 08:20:28 -0700
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This is an opinion of mine, please feel free to air your views about

How Linux?

1. Many years ago, before a really user friendly GUI appeared, the
Programmer and user were fused into one entity. You needed programming
knowledge to be able to use a computer.
2. With the advent of the GUI, it became possible for people with no
programming knowledge to wield the power of the computer.
3. UNIX which was running most of the previous generation PCs, suddenly
found itself sidelined.
4. Programmers of UNIX (which was a true OS product) suddenly found
themselves brought down from their pedestal.
5. The only way they could climb back is by bringing programming back
into the user's experience.
6. The result is Linux.

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