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Re: GPLv3 comedy unfolding -- SCO, Stallman, and "free checking"

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: GPLv3 comedy unfolding -- SCO, Stallman, and "free checking"
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 13:46:09 +0200

Peter Yared, chief executive of ActiveGrid...

(According to Dan, "Yared says he and others in the open source 
community wasted two years trying to counter all the SCO-related FUD 
with customers. Just as that cloud is being lifted, along comes 
Stallman and the GPLv3 to mess everything up again.")

quoted by Money, requoted by Dan Lyons:

“SCO and Stallman are the two worst things that have happened to Linux.
This is complete bullshit. The guy has his own agenda. Stallman is going
to keep doing what he’s been doing, but on this one he’s going to go off
a cliff. No one wants to put up with it.”


“The true definition of free software, for all of us who were hobbyists
back in the ’80s, was that we all did software under a public domain
license. You can do whatever you want with it. It’s not like open source
was this new thing invented by Stallman. His idea was to force people to
contribute stuff back. When you start putting your claws into people
it’s not free anymore.”


“Stallman and these other guys, it’s like Bush-ism, where Republicans
come out with some dumbed-down messages. He’s calling it free software,
but it’s not. It’s got a bunch of strings attached. People think the GPL
is restrictive enough already. Now they want to add more restrictions.
People have humored him but now he’s pushing it too far. GPLv3 will go
the way of all the other garbage licenses.”

Yared elaborates:

Another great article, Dan! Yikes I forgot I went off like that. But you
forgot the funny one we have all been laughing about at ActiveGrid,
Stallman’s “free software” is like “free checking,” there are a bunch of
conditions on it!

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