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Re: Gentoo Linux copyright / CDDL question

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Gentoo Linux copyright / CDDL question
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 12:20:44 -0400
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>    You should file your bug report with your distribution and let them
>    forward it.  They will know whether the bug is truly in the
>    upstream release or in something they have added and will be able
>    to provide more information and testing and consolidate multiple
>    reports of the same bug.

> I suggest people do _not_ do this.

I guess it depends on whether you think of an ideal situation, or
a real-world situation.  In an ideal situation, I think the bug should be
sent to the distribution who sends it to the package maintainer and sends
a copy upstream at the same time (unless the package maintainer is
sufficiently skilled and quick, in which case he should first filter the
bug reports and only send the relevant ones upstream).
Of course, in that ideal world, a package would be almost unchanged compared
to the upstream version, making it less likely that the bug is absent from
the upstream version.

In real life, many distributions and package maintainers apply too many
local changes and don't forward bug reports upstream swiftly enough.
So I recommend that bug reports be sent by the user directly to *both* the
distribution and the upstream.  Unless the user is sufficiently skilled to
first determine whether the bug is present upstream.


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