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by Paul McMorrow. Tag, You Suck.

From: Don Saklad
Subject: by Paul McMorrow. Tag, You Suck.
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 11:28:13 GMT
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Tag, You Suck

by Paul McMorrow

A couple months ago, the local freedom fighters at the
Free Software Foundation's
promised us
a big, crazy anti-DRM labeling campaign in
time for the holidays.

And since Santa's capitalism orgy doesn't even wait
for Halloween, much less Thanksgiving, anymore,
neither does the FSF.

You can print up your own warning stickers here
then lay siege to your local Best Buy and Apple Store,
but for those inclined towards capitalism2.0, there's
also this:
an all-out assault on DRM-enabled media on, using that site's wicked tagging feature.
Check it out.

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