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Re: Oracle's GNU/linux distro is out. Free Software is blindsided.

From: Roy Culley
Subject: Re: Oracle's GNU/linux distro is out. Free Software is blindsided.
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 03:18:11 +0100

begin  risky.vbs
        7 <> writes:
> Karen Hill wrote:
>> I was browsing oracle's website when I discovered a link to oracle's
>> new GNU/linux distro.
>> It looks like Redhat is being squeezed from all sides.
> Not a chance. No one has the committment to offer the kind of rock
> solid server technology that RHat has.

Sun, IBM, HP (HP-UX) still lead the way in 'solid server
technology'. Red Hat is still a minor player in the top end server
market. MS just isn't in this market of course for companies that
realise Windows just isn't scalable, stable and most importantly
secure enough.

Linux is eating into this market but it is by no means a major player
in it yet. It is getting very close.

No one in their right mind uses MS for mission critical systems. That
is why *nix has had such a revival in the server market. MS has gotten
away with shoddy insecure desktop OS and apps but not in the server
market. Businesses are starting to realise that the MS desktop is not
the optimum choice as well.

Security is one of those funny things.  You can talk about being "more"
secure, but there's no such thing.  A vulnerability is a vulnerability, and
even one makes you just as insecure as anyone else.  Security is a binary
condition, either you are or you aren't. - Funkenbusch 1 Oct 2006

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