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Confused about LGPL terms - can you help?

From: xp_newbie
Subject: Confused about LGPL terms - can you help?
Date: 7 Nov 2006 18:43:54 -0800
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I read the LGPL terms here:

I would like to use an LGPL library for a commercial (and not open
source) program I am writing.

I intend to use that library by *dynamically* linking to it (as a
Windows DLL). That is, the library will remain completely separate and
unmodified (the way I originally downloaded it).

Obviously, if I need to link to it, even dynamically, I need to place
#includes to key header files of that library (i.e. those that export
the functions prototypes and #defines) in a file of my own source code.

My question is: Under such circumstances, will I be obliged by the
license to make the source code of *my program* ( = "trade secret")
available to the customer?

If so, how is LPGL different from GPL?


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