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Open Source Project for Global Warming

From: cleancoalproject
Subject: Open Source Project for Global Warming
Date: 21 Nov 2006 12:44:43 -0800
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Open Source Project for Global Warming

China has planned for construction of over 500 coal fired plants in the
coming years.

Other developing countries such as India have large plans for coal
fired power generation as well.

Almost none of these plants will incorporate clean coal technology.

Part of the reason is cost and that domestic manufacturers of coal
powered generating technology do not have the technology to develop
clean coal plants.

An open source group of contributing engineers and others could develop
the technology so that it can be made available to the developing world
(and in developed countries too for that matter) free of charge and
there will thus be a much greater use of clean coal technology.

Clean coal technology can significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse
gas emissions and other pollutants such as acid rain causing SO2 and
brain damaging mercury.

While in a perfect world all countries would adopt zero emission energy
sources such as solar and wind the reality is for many of them coal is
going to be the way they go and if no cheaper means of getting clean
coal technology is available they will simply continue to use existing
technology to generate coal power and in the process make it impossible
that the planet as a whole can reduce or even stabilize its greenhouse
gas emissions.

I would thus like to canvas the group to see who would be interested in
forming the open source project I mention above.

If there is sufficient interest I would be willing to inject the group
with some funds in order to get started.

Please email cleancoalproject AT if you would be interested
in contributing and what your area of expertise would be.

We will need not just engineers but also those from other areas such as
technical writers, webmasters, project managers and others.

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