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day5done reports: "IBM no longer matters"

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: day5done reports: "IBM no longer matters"
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:41:23 +0100

By: day5done    Send PM    Profile    Ignore      Recommend    Add To Favorites

IBM no longer matters

IBM no longer matters because Linux no longer matters. Microsoft has 
marked Linux and the “free” software revolution for road kill through a 
user’s tax. Think Novell.

When Linux and free software crawled in bed with IBM it was a warm 
fuzzy feeling that was destined to turn cold and hard.

When Microsoft hired IBM’s former IP patent head Marshall Phelps in 
June 2006, Microsoft announced the beginning of the end of IBM’s 
schizophrenic gambit with Marxist software. Microsoft’s trail to 
monopolistic dominance is paved with IBM’s corporate hide.

The Sixth Circuit’s Lexmark v. SCC declared the futility of 
attempting to protect software with copyright in view of software 

Microsoft now needs only to allow enough competition (approx. 20%) in 
the market to keep the antitrust folks off their back. 

He he. 

Small correction: Microsoft hired Phelps in 2003.


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