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Re: gpl licensing

From: Aragorn
Subject: Re: gpl licensing
Date: Sun, 03 Dec 2006 17:26:44 GMT
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On Sunday 03 December 2006 18:01, David Golden stood up and addressed the
masses in /gnu.misc.discuss/ as follows...:

> FSF supporters tend to be predominantly libertarian gun-nuts in my
> experience, not marxists. [...]

Well, I am certainly not a libertarian, and I'm not really a Marxist
either. ;-)

I must admit that I have a somewhat left-of-center bias, but this is only
mildly the case.  I do however have some very eccentric political ideas of
which I think that they /might/ be an extension on the social-political
plane of what the FSF is doing on the IT plane, but my ideas are still too
roughly outlined and perhaps too naive - not to mention that they're
probably way off-topic here - so I'm not going to expound on them any
further. ;-)

I think it would be safest to say that I'm someone who naively believes in
justice - i.e. the concept of it; I have very little faith in the
enforcement of it - and who also believes that the view narrows when you
travel into the extremes, and that it's therefore best to keep a center

I believe in the cause of Free Software, and it was as much a thrill to me
to discover the GPL as discovering the technical aspects of GNU/Linux
itself.  Both discoveries occurred at the same time, by the way, through
the purchase of a Mandrake 6.0 Powerpack in 1999, before I even had an
internet connection at home.

At that stage, I was using Windows NT as a compromise, because I had
previously been an OS/2 user for many years, but I really wanted a
UNIX-like operating system.  I had already heard of GNU, but I had no idea
of how advanced it had become in the meantime - likewise for the Linux
kernel, of which I didn't even know that it was only a kernel back then - 
and as I had no internet at home, all I knew of UNIX-like operating systems
was that they were very expensively licensed.  Well, that is to say, I had
of course also already worked with UNIX on machines that weren't my own - a
mainframe was a bit too expensive for me... ;-)

And so, there was GNU/Linux.  Finally an affordable package, finally an
affordable UNIX-style system.  And it came (for most part) under this great

I've been a faithful GNU/Linux user since, and a devout advocate of Free
(Libre) Software. ;-)

P.S.: I didn't mean to start a flamewar by my participation in this thread. 
I was just an ignorant newcomer to this newsgroup, unaware of who's who and
what goes on. ;-)

With kind regards,

(registered GNU/Linux user #223157)

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