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Re: gpl licensing

From: Aragorn
Subject: Re: gpl licensing
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 20:04:35 GMT
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On Wednesday 06 December 2006 19:34, Alfred M. Szmidt stood up and addressed
the masses in /gnu.misc.discuss/ as follows...:

>    > --------
>    > Even Further
>    > 
>    > Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 2006-12-06 15:01.
>    > 
>    > Stallman insists that all Linux distributions be called GNU/Linux.
>    No, he insists that the *operating* *system* is called GNU/Linux, as it
>    comprises of the Linux kernel and the GNU userspace libraries and
>    toolset. That is what constitutes an operating system, and GNU's role
>    in the creation of this software - nor in the maintenance of the Linux
>    kernel, as the Linux developers *use* GNU tools for their development -
>    this should not be discarded.
> Nitpick, Linux uses and was developed on the GNU operating system, not
> just a bunch of tools and libraries.

Hmm...  According to my information, the very first versions of Linux were
developed on Minix, using a proprietary compiler.  I believe it was Linus
Torvalds himself who stated that.

As for the tools that the Linux developers now use and that I was referring
to, that was just a very narrow and focused pointer towards /gcc/ and
things like /glibc/ or even /emacs./ ;-)

Sometimes I express myself poorly, in the sense that I sometimes unwittingly
expect people to follow my thoughts without that I paint the whole picture. 
I'm afraid this comes with my Asperger's. ;-)

> Nice retort though!

Thanks! ;-)

With kind regards,

(registered GNU/Linux user #223157)

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