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Re: 'It's just a f*cking kernel...'

From: Geico Caveman
Subject: Re: 'It's just a f*cking kernel...'
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2006 11:45:11 -0500
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Rex Ballard wrote:
> One of the problems that Apple and other BSD "squatters" who have
> created proprietary versions of BSD code have been running up against
> is that the same provisions in BSD that allow them to publish BSD code
> as part of their proprietary software, also allows republication of
> software under GPL and other "forced disclosure licenses".  The problem
> is that many security patches, enhancments, and bug fixes are only
> available in the more comprehensive licenses, often GPL.  As a result,
> Microsoft, Apple, SCO, and others who abhor GPL software in any form,
> are unable to use the enhancements provided by Linux users/developers.

Aren't you assuming things there ?

Precisely what stops a closed source vendor from copying large chunks of
GPL'ed code in their code ?

Their apps are closed source, remember ? So, unless one of their developers
gets religion, who is to know ? For all we know, half of the code in Vista
kernel could be lifted off Linux kernel version 2.6.x.

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