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Re: One Linux Laptop Per Child: "Genius"

From: Frody
Subject: Re: One Linux Laptop Per Child: "Genius"
Date: 11 Dec 2006 11:14:40 -0800
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Oh, and another way in which the One Laptop Per Child
initiative and its creators are moronic:

#4: Even though the project was begun in the USA,
  poor American kids will never see the OLPC,
  but what the makers of the OLPC really want
  is to create more cheap labor in poor countries,
  so that their capitalist sponsors can ruthlessly
  exploit them in future. They have no interest
  in the American worker, whom their sponsors
  have been abandoning en masse for decades.
  The OLPC is ideologically 100% Milton Freedman
  and 0% Noam Chomsky.

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