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Re: Strawmen and Urban Legends

From: dt
Subject: Re: Strawmen and Urban Legends
Date: 3 Jan 2007 07:05:41 -0800
User-agent: G2/1.0 wrote:
> Patenting of Software is no longer up for discussion, it arrived in 1995.

Actually, much much earlier than that. The most famous "software
patent", RSA patent, was granted in 1983.
It is quite disturbing to read that so many people were unhappy about
the fact that RSA patent had some teeth and actually made money for its
inventors... Maybe those unhappy folks should turn their attention to
corporate CEO's salaries and bonuses ?

> If you don't have a Patent on your software invention, Bill Gates can
> take it, for free, and give you NOTHING in return.
> Patents protect the little guy.

Wishful thinking... After the recent Ebay decision by SCOTUS patents
protect nothing.
MS was already stealing each and every good idea, now they can do it
without fear of being shut down... The whole purpose of the so-called
"Patent Reform" is to bail out serial infringers - all of the big tech

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