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Re: Strawmen and Urban Legends

From: Roger Schlafly
Subject: Re: Strawmen and Urban Legends
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 19:00:20 -0800

"Lee Hollaar" <> wrote:
> But the one I cited is for "software" as we normally use the term
> now -- something to control a computer -- and actually contains a
> program implementing the method in 7090 assembly language (which
> the printed wrong, putting a label on every line).
> And it doesn't try to hide what it is.  Note the title:
> "Text Matching ALGORITHM".

That's right, but most of the arguments against the patentability of
software would seem to apply to Morse Code. And yet the Morse
Code patent is a famous patent that has been litigated, enforced,
and held up in textbooks as an exemplary patent.

This blog lists some other early software patents.

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