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Hi. Quick question about OpenOffice

From: Karen Hill
Subject: Hi. Quick question about OpenOffice
Date: 8 Jan 2007 16:39:43 -0800
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This can be a chance to convert a user to OpenOffice and free

I don't know where to ask this, but this seems to be a catch all group
for open standards, and free software so the advocates probably are
well versed in the answer.  I'm a new user to OpenOffice and open
standards like pdf, having been a life long MS user. I tried googling,
but apparently I'm not typing the correct search phrase. So here is my

When I add a jpeg image to openoffice file and save it as a pdf, the
image doesn't look right when viewed as pdf.  It seems to lose a lot of
its resolution.  I've seen documents created in pdf with images that
don't look bad at no matter how much you zoom in on them.  I want to do
that with my documents with images.  Even if that is not possible I
would like at _least_ for the image to be at actual size when viewed
and not degraded like it is now in pdf.

I would like a step by step example if possible.  I am using OpenOffice
on Windows since I'm not done learning to use (GNU?)/Linux for all my
tasks yet.

If not, I'll have to go back to using Microsoft Word as the format as
it keeps its resolution.  I just want more people to be able to read my

Thank you.

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