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Re: Hi. Quick question about OpenOffice

From: The Ghost In The Machine
Subject: Re: Hi. Quick question about OpenOffice
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 18:03:19 -0800
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In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Karen Hill
on 8 Jan 2007 16:39:43 -0800
> This can be a chance to convert a user to OpenOffice and free
> standards.
> I don't know where to ask this, but this seems to be a catch all group
> for open standards, and free software so the advocates probably are
> well versed in the answer.  I'm a new user to OpenOffice and open
> standards like pdf, having been a life long MS user. I tried googling,
> but apparently I'm not typing the correct search phrase. So here is my
> question:
> When I add a jpeg image to openoffice file and save it as a pdf, the
> image doesn't look right when viewed as pdf.  It seems to lose a lot of
> its resolution.  I've seen documents created in pdf with images that
> don't look bad at no matter how much you zoom in on them.  I want to do
> that with my documents with images.  Even if that is not possible I
> would like at _least_ for the image to be at actual size when viewed
> and not degraded like it is now in pdf.

Part of the problem is that JPEG is inherently lossy;
it is designed for landscapes and photos.  However,
there's a few issues here, and since you're including a
pixellated image anyway, you're going to suffer pixellation
if you zoom in far enough, even were you using a lossless
format such as PNG or GIF.  (GIF of course only has 256
colors to work with anyway.  PNG has better compression,
and it's never been patented and cannot be patented.)

If you're doing a diagram, you might consider exporting
then importing SVG.  If the diagram is simple enough you
might even just use the built-in Draw tool, though that
can get tedious if one has a lot of diagrams.

> I would like a step by step example if possible.  I am using OpenOffice
> on Windows since I'm not done learning to use (GNU?)/Linux for all my
> tasks yet.
> If not, I'll have to go back to using Microsoft Word as the format as
> it keeps its resolution.  I just want more people to be able to read my
> documents.

Take the document in Microsoft Word and export it as a
PDF file, if you have Word already.  It's as simple as
that. :-)  Granted, OpenOffice would be a better solution
long-term, but there are multiple issues here, especially
since I'm not sure what Word is doing with PDF given
the new "OpenXML" format Microsoft is attemping to tout,
nor am I clear on the exact nature of your JPEG images.

You can also export the Microsoft Word (or for that matter
OpenOffice) document as an HTML file.  This will sacrifice
some fidelity in the text for better readability on the
browser side, though at this point most people probably
have PDF capability anyway.  However, it depends on whether
one needs things such as symbolic links and Macromedia
Flash content later on.

> Thank you.

Useless C++ Programming Idea #1123133:
void f(FILE * fptr, char *p) { fgets(p, sizeof(p), fptr); }

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