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Re: Hi. Quick question about OpenOffice

From: Linuxiac
Subject: Re: Hi. Quick question about OpenOffice
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 09:56:03 -0500
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Karen Hill wrote:
This can be a chance to convert a user to OpenOffice and free

I don't know where to ask this, but this seems to be a catch all group
for open standards, and free software so the advocates probably are
well versed in the answer.  I'm a new user to OpenOffice and open
standards like pdf, having been a life long MS user. I tried googling,
but apparently I'm not typing the correct search phrase. So here is my

When I add a jpeg image to openoffice file and save it as a pdf, the
image doesn't look right when viewed as pdf.  It seems to lose a lot of
its resolution.  I've seen documents created in pdf with images that
don't look bad at no matter how much you zoom in on them.  I want to do
that with my documents with images.  Even if that is not possible I
would like at _least_ for the image to be at actual size when viewed
and not degraded like it is now in pdf.

I would like a step by step example if possible.  I am using OpenOffice
on Windows since I'm not done learning to use (GNU?)/Linux for all my
tasks yet.

If not, I'll have to go back to using Microsoft Word as the format as
it keeps its resolution.  I just want more people to be able to read my

Thank you.

Doesn't work like that in any of the GNU/Linux distros I install in graphics shops at Mousetown, Universal. All the movies since "Titanic - 1997" have been rendered in Linux. No windoze, it doesn't function!

So, here's proof, recent MS windows patches added such a purposeful degrading resolution aspect to try to enforce DRM?

If we're doing it on windoze, and joining the evil empire, might as well BUY star office, for the support, and the workarounds that defeat the dark lord multiple convicted felon Microsoft.

When you do business with convicted crooks, con-artists, thieves, who invent their own rules, you will get these issues.

Look, you're dealing with very evil people there, in felonMicrosoft, who think nothing of grinding a smaller competitor into dust. You would be wise to use a champion who has at least won some battles, like Sun Microsystems.

My choice is FREE CHOICE, and so, I don't support the virus magnet, DRM master monopolists. includes Open Office.

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