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Re: application icon

From: Ron Baker, Pluralitas!
Subject: Re: application icon
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 19:20:46 -0800

"John Paul Wallington" <> wrote in message">
> "Ron Baker,    Pluralitas!" <> writes:
>> I'm writing and application using mingw.
>> How does one set the icon for the application that
>> shows in windows explorer?
>> Is it something I can put in the source or
>> is it a post compile (and link) operation?
> First create a resource-definition script (.rc file).  The file
> could be as simple as:
> 1 ICON "foo.ico"
> (See
> for more details of the .rc file format)
> then compile it with GNU Binutils' windres utility, eg:
> windres foo.rc foores.o
> and link with gcc, eg:
> gcc -o foo.exe foo.o foores.o
> Also, you'll probably get more comprehensive and correct answers to
> mingw questions on their user mailing list:



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